Our activities

Our activities

Design work

  • design documentation for road and railway bridges and pedestrian bridges
  • design documentation for highways and roads
  • design documentation for bridge repair, reinforcement and reconstruction
  • assembly designs of steel structures
  • expert and consultation activities for the area of steel structures
  • general and emergency inspections of road bridges
  • securing the general designer for road construction

Manufacturing documentation

  • complete 3D model of the structure using the program Siemens NX, associative generation of 2D shop drawings
  • export of the model to the 3D PDF format (simple viewing, measurement and control of the model structure in Adobe Reader)
  • export of data to the DSTV format (NC data, bills of material)

Civil engineering work

  • securing architectural supervision of all constructions designed by our office
  • inspection of manufacture, assembly and paint systems of steel structures including their technological specifications
  • securing construction and technical supervisor authorized by the investor for the full scope of construction (technical documents and documents of title, general planning proceedings, building permit approval of construction work)